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Titleist is dedicated to not only meeting, but also exceeding, the expectations of golfers all over the world. To this end, the company designs and manufactures golf equipment of high quality and performance, which gives players an advantage over their competitors.
Titleist is well-known for the construction of high-quality golf clubs that are used by Tour professionals. However, the industry giant offers a vast choice that is suitable for players of every skill level.

We made a list of the Best Titleist Irons of all the times. 

Best Titleist Irons 2023

best titleist irons

Most Forgiving For Beginners


If you’re looking for the most forgiving iron, you should take a closer look at the T400 model. One of the main advantages of these irons is maximum forgiveness and a strong loft that provides range.

The T400 will be the best choice for golf beginners and those who have a low swing speed. This is the perfect iron for launching the ball faster, thanks to the ultra-thin L-Face surface located under the base of the club. In addition, the innovative split sole design provides quality interaction with the turf and high strike speed.

To maximize forgiveness, high-density tungsten blocks have been incorporated into the Titleist T400. The location of these blocks in the heel and toe contributed to the deepening of the head, allowing the entire weight to be accurately placed to improve forgiveness.

Last but not least is the hollow design of the T400, which strategically distributes weight properly to enhance MOI. For medium to high handicap golfers, this is the best club to make straighter iron strokes combined with improved distance.

Best Titleist Iron For Mid To High Handicapper


While creating the T30, Titleist added 40% more tungsten to these irons compared to previous models. As a result, the T300 is one of the best irons to improve your game. The T300 will be ideal for medium to high handicapper players. Hidden tungsten technology has allowed for a thinner face surface, improving launch and ball speed. Also, the variable face helps improve heel error hitting and limits rotations on off-center hits.

The extra weight has improved forgiveness, speed and launch. We also like the new improved look of this iron, a mid-size model with a premium chrome finish.

The 2000º soldering process used in these irons has helped eliminate welds. In addition to the visual improvement, the same process helped create an even more precise CG placement for optimal start, rotation, and improved MOI.

Best Titleist Irons For Mid To Low Handicappers


Generally speaking, I would call the T200 iron suitable for any handicap due to its mixed advanced technology. We note that it would make an ideal stick for medium handicap players with not yet very good ball striking, as well as for higher level players. As evidence of our words, you can see that the T200 irons have been spotted in the bags of several Tour players this year.

So what has been changed in this iron compared to its predecessors? First, the T200 has become smaller overall, and thus has taken on a more elegant look. In addition, the top has become narrower and the bottom has become thinner.

This iron, which combines 10 different patents, has an improved polymer core that improves off-center impact speed and efficiency on impact.

Best Titleist Irons For Low Handicappers


The Titleist 620 CB will be the best choice for players with a low handicap and mostly looking for control. Although there is forgiveness built into the long back cavity irons, these irons are not known for their forgiveness, so will suit the more experienced golfer.

We find these irons to be the most attractive of all Titleist models. In the 620 CB model, the center of gravity is strategically placed to provide superior performance. Nor does the responsive feedback of these irons escape our notice. Of the entire set, irons 3 and 4 are the most forgiving, due to the built-in tungsten weights, and the thinner top end. But again, the CB is not suitable for beginners or players who are just trying to improve their game. These irons are designed for players who are great at getting the ball in the air and hitting accurately with their heel or toe.

If you’re now looking for an irons that will be eye-catching and give you an aesthetic pleasure to look at, the muscle back blades in the 620 CB irons are just that when we’re talking about clean smooth irons lines.

For Good Level Players Without Compromising Forgiveness


The T100 is a very interesting model that will suit more experienced players with a low handicap, but at the same time has good forgiveness. If you are familiar with previous Titleist irons, the T100 will surely remind you of the Titleist 718 CB. Both irons have a compact upper rail. The most significant difference between the two is the more forgiving of the T100 model.

Also, like the models described above, the T100 uses tungsten weights in irons 3-7 that increase off-center strike forgiveness.

If you’re looking for an iron that hits with consistent ball speed and tight dispersion, but also has forgiving ability on off-center hits, then be sure to explore this model. The innovative Muscle Channel system reduces CG and increases MOI, which further encourages high starts.
By the way, the extra convexity of the sole is great for helping these irons glide well on turf.

For Experienced Players and Pros Looking For Control and Stability


The T100-S is identical to the specifications of the T100, but the most important difference between the two models is the increased distance the T100-S was designed with.

The fully forged construction provides an outstanding MOI. We also really like the Brush Chrome matte finish to reduce glare and so you can concentrate better on the ball.

The forged face increases speed and launch. Innovative Muscle Channel, which helps save weight and get a lower CG.
The T100S’s fairly slim upper and maximum compact size is designed for players who are absolutely confident in their game. If you are a player who is not looking for forgiveness or trying to improve distance, but is looking for a combination of control and stability, then this iron will be a great purchase to your bag of golf clubs.

FAQ About Titleist Irons
Which is more forgiving T200 or T300?

Several of our tests of these two irons indisputably indicate that the T300 is a more forgiving iron than the 200. But not more forgiving than the T400.

Are Titleist T200 good for high handicappers?

The T300 is primarily designed for high handicap players and the T200 is designed for medium to low handicap players.

What Titleist irons do most pros use?

Nine of the top 100 PGA Tour players use the Titleist T100 irons as their primary irons, and another three use one or two in their mixed iron set, making the Titleist T100 irons the most popular irons among those players.

What is the difference between T300 and T100?

In contrast to the T100.S and T200, which simply comprise a forged face, the T100 comes with a completely forged structure that is two pieces in length. Because T300 is cast iron, the feel that it creates is possibly not quite as soft as other types of iron.

If you’re still in doubt about Titleist irons, we suggest you consider the Best Irons from Callaway, another giant in golf clubs and equipment. Also you mail like overall review of the Best Irons 2022.

By James McMillan

James McMillan is an experienced golfer, providing the most detailed and trustworthy reviews of the best golf equipment and the latest innovations in the golf industry. James' primary goal is to help readers find reliable and trusted information about golf products, which includes both buying tips and the best deals on the market.
James is 46 years old, has been playing golf for 23 years and has a handicap of 10.

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