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We are a small team of golf enthusiasts. Our main idea was to create a project that would help golfers with different skills to choose the best golf gear. Every day we test golf equipment that has either just appeared on the market or has already gained attention among golfers.

Our goal is to create the most honest and unbiased reviews, pointing out not only the pros of the products, but also describing their main cons, so that you can choose from a variety of products the one that suits you best.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases. But this doesn’t affect which products are included in our reviews. All the golf equipment or accessories we highlight are recommended for their quality, performance and overall reputation regardless of any affiliate relationships. 

best golf stand bags

7 Best Golf Stand Bags

7 Best Golf Stand Bags The golf stand bag is very popular among golfers who like to organize their game carefully. First of all, golf

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best titleist irons

6 Best Titleist Irons 2023

Titleist is dedicated to not only meeting, but also exceeding, the expectations of golfers all over the world. To this end, the company designs and

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