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Wedges are an essential, if not the most important club in the golf bag when it comes to hitting during rounds of 150 yards or less. The use of wedges cannot be underestimated – they are used for full swings from the fairway, for bunker shots and thin chips, and for getting out of the rough and sand. To summarize,  golf wedges can be called the most versatile putter.

Golfers are advised to have a versatile set of wedges. There are several factors to consider when choosing wedges. The first one is the player’s experience. More experienced golfers prefer a larger bounce, while beginners or high handicappers should prefer a smaller bounce. 

Also, consider the location where you usually plays your round. For a course with wet and softer conditions, the bounce should be greater, while for hard turf, a club with less bounce is better suited.

We test new golf clubs daily and don’t miss new releases that are worthy of your attention. As soon as better models than the ones shown below become available, we will test them and do separate reviews. Follow our updates. 

If you are ready to buy new wedges this year, here a list of the best golf wedges so far.

Best Golf Wedges of 2022

best golf wedges

Best Wedge Overall


Lofts: 46° – 60°


Extremely forgiving
Three types of sole grind
Clean impact feel provided by GelbackTPU insert to reduce vibration
Sharpest Tour Zip Grooves for maximum spin
Short game control


Very few shaft options
Not suitable for advanced players or low handicappers
Only three grinds options

best golf wedges
best golf wedges
best golf wedges

Our list of the best golf wedges opens with the Cleveland CBX 2, which has distinguished itsefl by its excellent ball spinning ability and consistency. The offset center of gravity and hollow construction gives excellent control and great forgiveness. This model is more suited to players with an average handicap because of the perimeter weighting and outsole grind.

The innovative hollow-cavity approach is the hallmark of the Cleveland wedges. The Cleveland CBX 2 also struck me as the easiest wedge to a hit a full shot.

Thanks to the V-shape from heel to toe, the CBX 2 wedge excels in the sand and around the greens.

Finally, we want to highlight the fact that Cleveleand achieved excellent spin control, but managed to avoid the traditional feel and sound of a cavity-back iron.

If you were confident in purchasing cavity-back wedges, this option would be the perfect choice.

However, if you have any doubts about whether you can play with this type of wedge, then we encourage you to continue reading our review of the best early 2022 golf wedges.

Best Feeling Golf Wedge


Lofts : 46°-64°


New W-grind and upgraded C-grind options
Provides excellent distance
Has a great sound and feel
Has more lofts than other widges
Distinctive groove-in-groove technology
Eye-catching surface
Contains a high degree of lofts


Not the best option for beginner golfers
Expensive, especially if you are planning to get a full set
Some golfers would prefer a leading edge that is straighter and longer

“The spin you get from the JAWS Groove is remarkable! It’s all about the trajectory and control from the added spin- JAWS is absolutely the perfect name.”

Another model that delights as one of the best spinning wedges is the Callaway Jaws MD5. The popular golf equipment manufacturer amazingly achieves avoiding micro-increases on the surface of the wedges, which makes the rotation at impact perfect.

The MD 5 is not suitable for beginners because the sharp leading edge requires maximum accuracy when hitting the ball in less than ideal conditions, such as sand or turf. The maximum kick return of these wedges is better achieved by professional players.

We are also pleased with the design of the Callaway Jaws MD5 wedge. Low-carbon 8620 steel made the wedge look pretty good, and the high-end Platinum Chrome or Tour Grey finishes completed the task. The same can be said about the feel – it’s soft and pleasant.

The Offset Groove-In-Groove technology allowed adding rotation on partial impacts by changing the microfigure on the front side of the JAWS MD5.

The Most Accurate Wedge


Lofts: 46°-62°


Consistent spin and distance
Availability of tour-preferred Raw finish (custom order)
Superb feel


Pretty heavy shaft for a lot of golfers
Wide range of options requires a fitting

I am sure it is no a suprise to anyone that the iconic Titleist Vokey wedge is comfortably among the top of the best wedges in 2022. According to Titleist, they were able to create the most accurate wedge by moving forward. The SM8’s CG is actually in the front of the wedge’s end, resulting in improved distance and trajectory control.  This is also increases MOI, resulting in more consistent shots, as well as additional flexibility for full shots.

At the end the club has a more supple feel as well as more efficient ball flight and a surface that is more likely to align when hitting for better results. This was accomplished by extending the handle and balancing it with high-density tungsten in the heel.

Titleist Vokey grooves are USGA compliant and provide plenty of spin on the greens. The grooves will not break down quickly due to the special heat treatment at the point of impact. This makes them extremely durable and ensures a long service life.

We are pleased with the choice of six sole grinds options and five finishes.

Best Wedges for Spin


Lofts: 46°-60°


Three different bounce options (low bounce, standard bounce, high bounce)
Great satin finish
Great quality Lamkin Crossline grip


Little heavy due to the extra weight
Ball flight is too high

Let’s start our review of these wedges by reminding us that they are played by such pros as Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. I guess even that fact already tells us that the Milled Grind 3 should be on the list of the best golf wedges.

So what are Taylormade’s joys this time around?

The milled and precision sole grind of the wedge is designed for stability on pitches and chip shots and turf interaction. The untreated surface of the wedges increases friction with the ball in wet conditions. We’ve already seen this feature in previous TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 wedges.

TaylorMade also introduced a more abrasive surface in this model, which the company has improved with new raised micro ribs between the ZTP-17 grooves. Speaking of the grooves themselves, it’s worth emphasizing that they have a sharper edge, which increases spin.

The extra weight at the top of the head helps control the flight of the ball.

We were also impressed with the new design, especially the black satin finish that minimizes glare when playing in sunny weather.

TaylorMade stated that these wedges are the most stable and highly spinning of any wedge the company has ever produced.

Most Versatile Wedge


Lofts: 46°-62°


Good loft and grind options
Forgiveness on full shots
Straight leading edge


Professional players may want to see a straighter leading edge

Cleveland wedges have always been top notch and the Cleveland RTX Zipcore was no exception. The main goal the company tried to achieve with these wedges is to improve spin consistency between hits.

With Cleveland RTX Zipcore it was increased MOI stability with a lightweight core at the base of the design, replacing the heavy steel. So this has reduced 10-15g of weight ensuring that more of your shots will land in the sweet spot. It also came at the expense of changing the CG position.

The muscleback design puts control at the top of the list.

Cleveland also introduced new and deep UltiZip grooves and added 2 additional grooves on each edge of the wedge. This allowed for maximum edge contact. In addition to great spin, this method made it possible to achieve consistency.

Finally, Cleveland made the 8620 carbon steel more uniform, making these wedges more durable.

Sole grinds ensure golfers have the versatility to play the shots that come most comfortable to them around the greens.

Best Golf Wedges for Out of Bad Lies


Lofts: 54°-62°


Noticeably forgiving
Ample levels of consistent spin from different lies


Very few lofts
Limited bounce options

Mizuno ES21 is molded from 431 stainless steel and has a hollow design that creates extra stability. This wedge, according to Mizuno, is the world’s first with the center of gravity in the middle of the face. This way more spin is achieved at impact, as the head deflects less at impact.

Golfers who often play in wet and damp ground conditions will be particularly pleased with this wedge model. During testing, players noted that on wet surfaces, the stability of backspin increased by more than 30%. Mizuno achieved this result with the help of Hydro Flow micro-channel on the front side. We’ll note right away that in dry conditions you won’t feel any difference from this technology. Also, the benefits of this wedge have been noted in bunkers.

To buy this wedge, you have to be a fan of Mizuno wedges. The company only manufactures the ES21 in 54°-62° lofts, so you may need additional 48°, 50°, or 52° wedges, which may not be entirely convenient.

Connoisseurs of beauty and design will be pleased with the appearance of the wedge with the KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 hilt and the Lamkin ST hybrid grip.

Best Wedges for Control


Lofts: 46°-60°


Improved distance control on full shots
17 different bounce and loft options
Work well on wet or long grass


Compact shaping may put some golfers off

The main focus in creating the Ping Glide 3.0 wedges was forgiveness and playability. Ping offers four sole grind options for the interaction of movement on the turf.

The versatile thin outsole performed best on high lofts, allowing for the most precise face manipulation.

More forgiveness was achieved by reducing weight at the bottom of the head and increasing weight at the toe. The rounded head profile and long handle allow for better grip on the ball and coverage of gaps in the yardage.

Compared to the previous Ping Glide 2.0 wedge, more forgiveness is felt. It’s not significant if you’re thinking of swapping the 2.0 for the 3.0. However, if this is your first time looking at Ping wedges, Ping Glide 3.0 is a great choice for players with an average handicap and who don’t always hit the sweet spot accurately.

The Hydropearl 2.0 coating repels water and is a great wedge to play on turf.

Best Wedges For Chipping


Lofts: 48°-60°


The Tour Notch provides confidence in terms of getting under the ball and striking it well
Superb feel
Consistent launch angle
Three grinds are available


Only one finish is available (chrome plated 8620 carbon steel)

Cobra used a new SNAKEBITE design to create a wedge with maximum spin, resulting in sharper, deeper grooves. The company said the groove edges are 40 percent sharper and 11 percent deeper. Snakebite Groove Technology includes full-face grooves to optimize trajectory.

The 48-54 degree wedges have narrower, deeper grooves for a more stable spin. They are optimized for full square-edged shots.

The 56-60 degree wedges have wider and not as deep grooves as the 48-54, and run the full width of the face. These wedges are optimized for partial impacts around the greens or open face shots. They also give you the ability to control the spin and trajectory.

There are three available grind options:

  • Versatile grind for medium to firm golf course
  • Classic grind for variety of golf course conditions
  • Widelow grind for soft bunkers and soft turf conditions

Best Wedges for Bunker Shots


Lofts: 50°-62°


There is a noticeable increase in control on open-faced shots around the green
A great balance of versatility and feel


A relatively high bounce will not be suitable for all golfers’ techniques

TaylorMade Hi-Toe  wedge grooves are deeper and narrower than previous wedges, with a sharper radius designed to allow for maximum rotation. The use of laser etching between the grooves produces a rougher surface that allows for greater control. In order to offer rotation and control when shots are fired to expand the surface, score lines are painted over the surface of the higher lift wedges (56°-62°).

TaylorMade also changed the thick-thin head, resulting in a thinner overall product design. Additional mass has been added closer to the top of the back in order to optimize the location of the center of gravity, resulting in more precise flying and enhanced feel.

Designed for players who enjoy experimenting with their short game, TaylorMade Hi-Toe Raw blades are a good choice. These wedges will be most useful to those who like to maneuver their clubs around the green, open their faces, and use a variety of wedge strokes around the course.

During our testing, the TaylorMade Hi-Toe Raw wedges made crisp and consistent contact with the ball. It was not just the feel and sound of the golf ball coming out of the face that Rick found attractive, but he also commented on how the interaction with the turf offered excellent feel. The club glided softly over the turf, with just the correct amount of bounce, no matter what type of shot he was attempting to make.

Best Wedge for High Handicappers


Lofts: 46°-60°


Very forgiving
Plenty of spin, especially with the higher lofts
Extra-long stock grip


Limited versatility
Limited bounce options

Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedges are the most forgiving available from Callaway. These wedges are significantly more forgiving and easy to hit, making them ideal for players with higher handicaps.

The Mack Daddy CB wedges feature a hollow back design that aims to score more points from close range. A cavity back wedge makes sense to play because the majority of players use a cavity back iron – especially when it comes to a pitching and gap wedge.

With this wedge apart of forgiveness, golfers also get a great spin.

In our opinion they are the most visually appealing wedges available for higher handicappers. They are not as large and clunky as some others, and they allow for a smooth transition from irons.

To ensure maximum consistency, Callaway offers two different sole grinds: the complete sole and the W-grind sole. Pitching and gap wedges benefit from the full sole, whilst higher lofted wedges benefit from the W grind, which increases bounce and forgiveness.

The wedges with conventional grooves are available in 46-52 degrees. Wedges with full face grooves are available in 54-60 degrees. If you’re short sided and need your ball to stop fast, this will let you to generate more spin with shots closer to the green.

Best Looking Golf Wedge


Lofts: 48°-60°


Three sole options
Superb feel
Fans of Japanese golf clubs will appreciate the high toe shape and the angular shape of the head


A very compact wedge for some players

We love Honma for their look, great performance and super feel. That goes for almost every putter the Japanese company makes. We did a separate review of the Best Japanese clubs, which you can read HERE.

Such is the case with Honma’s T//World wedges, which distinguished themselves with a high spin during testing with 9,801 rpm.

Honma added aluminum inserts in the back, which allowed them to make the top line as thin as possible. So with a compact look, these wedges are also forgiving during off-center hits.

What else made these beautiful wedges stand out in terms of performance? Three sole grinds shapes that will meet the demands of any player and the conditions of the terrain on which the game is played.

The L sole provides optimal interaction with the turf, while the advanced C sole provides more versatility. The S-shaped outsole completes the high performance of these tour wedges and ensures that they will fit any situation.

Honma is one of the brands at the top of our recent Best Japanese Golf Clubs 2022 review.

Best Golf Wedges with Extra Bounce


Lofts: 50°-64°


Great bounce
High accuracy
Incredibly forgiving
Diamond-like carbon coating


Some golfers don’t appreciate high-toe design

Almost all of the previous models were characterized by a high spin. With the PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedge we would like to point out the fact that the main goal of the manufacturer was to achieve optimal bounce and the highest accuracy. With these wedges you can perfect your short game.

The company introduced innovative sole designs BP-Grind and C-Grind.

BP-Grind with a wide sole and taper from heel to toe is optimized to play on sand and lush lawns. This outsole provides maximum forgiveness and extra bounce.

The C-Grind has a narrow sole and maximum heel-to-toe taper optimized for playing on hard lawns. Experienced golfers who practice creative hitting around the green will appreciate these wedges.

These wedges are 100% milled and Full Face Grooves extend around the perimeter of the face. This helps support an extended strike zone.

The High Toe Weighting was designed to position the CG in the same line, providing more forgiveness on open face strikes.

But last but not least is the stunning look of these wedges. The Xtreme Dark carbon coating is not only breathtaking at the sight of these wedges, but also greatly extends the life of these wedges.

Wedge Buying Guide 2022

Best Play Golf

Types of Golf Wedges

Pitching Wedge (PW)

The most common wedge is the pitching wedge, which is used for full grind strokes and long chip shots. The pitching wedge’s elevation is mostly between 44-48 degrees.

Gap Wedge (GW)

These wedges, which range from 50 to 53 degrees, fill the 8-degree gap between the pitch wedge and the sand wedge. It comes in handy on pitches near the green when you don’t need a full swing. Intermediate wedges are good for more complete strikes. You’ll often find them referred to as attacking wedges (AW) or utility wedges (UW).

Sand Wedge (SW)

If you need to get the ball out of the sand on the green, you will need a sand wedge. Its massive head and heavy and wide sole design have been specifically designed to break through the sand and have you pull the ball out with ease. They usually range from 54 to 58 degrees.

Sand clubs also do a pretty good job of hitting off the rough with more height and less range, but with more spin.

Lob Wedge (LW)

Lob Wedges with the highest height are great for short strokes and for difficult strokes from 30-60 yards. If the sand conditions allow for some bounce, the lob wedge will also be good for sand kicks.


To put it another way, the loft of a wedge is simply the angle formed by the face of the wedge and an imaginary vertical line. More loft on a wedge means more elevation on your shot, which results in a higher ball flight with less distance, as shown  below:

best golf wedges

The majority of professionals carry three or four wedges in order to provide variety and selection in their short game situations. When selecting a set of wedges, it is important to ensure that there are no significant differences in loft between the lowest lofted iron in your set and the first wedge, as well as between the edge wedge and the next wedge.

Try to keep the loft gaps between each club to a maximum of 4 degrees between them.


Wedge ‘bounce’ refers to the area of the club that makes contact with the turf, which causes the club to bounce through the surface under the ball when it strikes the ball. The term “bounce” refers to a group of elements in sole design, including the bounce angle, sole width, leading edge, rocker, and camber of a wedge, among others.

The majority of discussions on bounce are focused on the angle at which the ball bounces. The bounce angle is the angle formed by the leading edge of the shoe and the point at which the sole actually contacts the surface of the ground. Despite the fact that many people believe wedges sit flat on the ground, this is not the case.

In order to prevent a wedge from digging into sand or turf and thereby halting the momentum of the club through the ball, bounce, and specifically the bounce angle, are added to it.

golf wedges

I hope our review helped you decide on the best wedge for your game in 2022. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

By James McMillan

James McMillan is an experienced golfer, providing the most detailed and trustworthy reviews of the best golf equipment and the latest innovations in the golf industry. James' primary goal is to help readers find reliable and trusted information about golf products, which includes both buying tips and the best deals on the market.
James is 46 years old, has been playing golf for 23 years and has a handicap of 10.

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