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Master craftsman Bob Vokey delights us with new Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges in 2022, turning the high-tech process into amazing creativity time and time again.

Working closely with the best golfers in the world, Bob has been refining his grinds for decades for maximum shot versatility and consistency.

When we talk about grinding, we need to understand that the shot is a key while playing with wedges. Titleist claims that for their approach to the green, they have the most grinds options. And we believe them.

It is imperative for every player to have contact with the wedge. The right sole gives the player a sense of confidence through proper sound and controlled ball flight. Also, the interaction with the turf depends on the right grind. The SM9 wedge multiple grind and bounce options will give you the versatility you need to hit.

Let’s see what the SM9 wedges have to offer – where the company has made significant changes, and where it has applied technologies already proven over the years.

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

Distance and Trajectory Control

With the new SM9, Titleist has turned on all its imagination to find the very spot that works best. To do this, the company manipulated the progressive center of gravity throughout lofts to improve ball flight, accuracy, and forgiveness.

The Titleist team claims that high spin with a low start is the key to hitting the wedge. The SM9 was designed with these two key points in mind by shifting the center of gravity.

In order to reduce the ball flight, which is very important for greater control, the SM9 raised the center of gravity in the higher lofts (54 through 62) using the top line. This is where we see the innovation. At the same time, the team decided to leave the CG in front of the face unchanged, which we have already seen in the SM8. This results in increased MOI and for the ball to be squared at impact and maintain consistency.

The sand wedges and lob wedges have lengthened the grip and added weight behind the top line to gain more control, which is achieved through a low ball flight and a raised center of gravity.

For the pitching and gapping wedges, on the contrary, the company shortened the grips and placed most of the weight in the sole of the wedge, thereby achieving the effect of continuing the iron with the center of gravity of a short iron.

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges


Without enough spin, you will never achieve real control of the ball. Spin is not only control inside the 120 – 130 yards, but also control around the greens. To maximize spin, Titleist has changed the grooves again – they are even sharper and sliced along the edge.

A narrower flight window will give more spin and distance control to the players.

Spin Milled Grooves

The milled grooves deserve special attention. Titleist Vokey Design’s wedge milling is not a new technology. The company introduced its first spin milled wedges back in 2005. But we’re happy to see that the company is continuously improving the grooves.

A new process was used to cut the Vokey Design vSM9 grooves, which not only maximized spin, but also ensured the durability of the groove through a patented heat treatment. Each groove is cut individually and vary depending on the angle of the wedges.

The pitching wedges and gap wedges (46 to 54) have slightly narrower, but deeper grooves for hitting from the fairway with a full swing.

By sand wedges and lob wedges (56 to 62), we see a little wider and a little shallower grooves for more spin on partial shots. It also helps keep water, sand and debris on the face when hitting around the green.

Based on a lot of Vokey testing, we can certainly state that wet spin has never been the strongest point of the Vokey wedge lineup, showing a mostly average spin range.

And while in the SM9 review, Vokey didn’t make explicit statements about improving this point, we think the addition of micro-grooves on the face of the wedge may have been an attempt by the company to push more moisture away.

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

Vokey Design SM9 Wedges Grinds

A golfer with any swing can find the right wedge from the six grinds and a total of 23 different loft and bounce options that Titleist offers in the SM9 line. 

Best Play Golf

Vokey Design SM9 Wedges Features

Vokey SM9 wedges come in Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black Finish. 

F Grind
Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

PERFORMANCE: All Purpose Grind For Full Wedge Shots

SWING TYPE: Shallow / Neutral / Steep

BEST FOR: A full sole for full shots

S Grind
Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

PERFORMANCE: Narrow And Versatile

SWING TYPE: Shallow / Neutral

BEST FOR: Square faced shots with a simple technique

D Grind
Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

PERFORMANCE: The Player’s High Bounce Wedge


BEST FOR: A steeper angle of attack

M Grind
Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

PERFORMANCE: Multi-Purpose Grind For Versatility

SWING TYPE: Shallow / Neutral / Steep

BEST FOR: Shots around the green

K Grind
Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

PERFORMANCE: The Ultimate In Soft Conditions


BEST FOR: Forgiveness in a wide, full sole

L Grind
Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

PERFORMANCE: Maximum Versatility


BEST FOR: A steeper angle of attack


In the 4 weeks that SM9’s have been available on worldwide professional tours, three players have won with the new models in the bag - including Cameron Smith (Sentry TOC) and Thomas Pieters (Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship). In addition, not only was SM9 was the most played wedge in its first week on Tour at the Sentry TOC, but the most played wedge at The American Express and last week's Farmer's Insurance Open.

By James McMillan

James McMillan is an experienced golfer, providing the most detailed and trustworthy reviews of the best golf equipment and the latest innovations in the golf industry. James' primary goal is to help readers find reliable and trusted information about golf products, which includes both buying tips and the best deals on the market.
James is 46 years old, has been playing golf for 23 years and has a handicap of 10.

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