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June 1, 2021, HONMA, Japan’s leading brand for exclusive golf equipment, introduced the limited edition HONMA BERES BLACK, clubs that combine premium functionality with an elegant black design.
The BERES BLACK is a top-quality club that combines the uncompromising quality and comfort of HONMA and has a modern look while staying true to the design principles.

Designed for low to medium swing speeds, the BERES BLACK collection features drivers, woods, hybrids, and irons ranked by the three-star system, combining the strength and elasticity of M40X and T1100G materials. At the same time, handcrafted ARMRQ hubs provide efficient energy transfer and a stable ball flight.

“Our ambitions to further expand the BERES brand are reflected with the introduction of the stealthy BERES BLACK collection that will appeal to discerning golfers across Europe,” said Tony Scott, Head of Marketing at HONMA Golf Europe.
He added: “The aesthetics of BERES BLACK are second to none and we fully expect the bold finish to be popular with golfers seeking something exceptional from their golf equipment, while at the same time opening up BERES craftsmanship and performance to younger golfers.”

Honma Beres Black Edition

All components of the BERES BLACK collection are handcrafted and assembled by HONMA Takumi craftsmen in the same factory in Sakata, Japan, to ensure that every aspect of the stick production is in harmony for the best results.

The BERES BLACK 10.5° driver is assembled using “Maximum Speed Slot” technology, which turns the face of the head into a kind of springboard. Improved slots, closer to the leading edge on the heel and toe of the head, reduce the loss of distance on off-center strokes due to the corrective gear effect. In terms of appearance, the club’s head is coated with carbon black PVD coating (physical vapor deposition), which gives it a stunning look. A radial logo embossed all over the surface is on the front of the head, giving the club the feel of a super-premium product.

With similar design features to the driver, the BERES BLACK [#3 (15°) / #5 (18°)] and Hybrid [#4 (22°)] woods provide the superior qualities that golfers need for long-distance strokes.

Strategically engineered with unique technology, the slotted sole ensures a more extended ball flight and lower shot spread, while the low and deep center of mass distribution gives the ball a high start.

Honma Beres Black Edition

The BERES BLACK [#5-#11 / AW / SW] irons have an optimized 3D L-cup face design for a more rounded front edge and better stick feedback, and the C-shaped toe provides a broader area of best ball contact.

Weight is balanced across the toe and heel of the head to increase the moment of inertia.
A thin elliptical faceplate maximizes flexibility on impact, increasing ball speed. The irons are coated with a carbon-black ion coating.

Each three-star ARMRQ cleat (standard 47g and complex 52g), painted in glossy black, provides unmatched quality and a beautiful appearance.

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James is 46 years old, has been playing golf for 23 years and has a handicap of 10.

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