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Regardless of how busy the everyday schedule is, the golf course remains one of the few places where you can easily disconnect for a few hours within a home. Stepping on to the links is like going for a short vacation, even if you are playing an after-work round.

Unlike the past days, when people used arithmetic to calculate their shorter distances, technology has made everything easier nowadays. For example, you pull your rangefinder, point it at the flag, and voila, the distance to the pin will magically appear before you. This way of playing is much easier and provides more accurate measurements.

Are you ready to hit the field in your journey to greatness in golf and don’t know where to get the best golf rangefinders? Worry not; the article has you covered.


Main Fatures:

Pin finder

Vibration Lock

3 Targeting Modes

6x Magnification

Wide LCD Display

This small and light laser golf rangefinder is made with a compact design for easy holding with hands. It can measure meters and yards and features a 6x magnification for a clear view.

This entry-level laser measures in less than 0.5 seconds, vibrates when the target is locked, provides slope-adjusted distances, and has three measurement modes (Normal, Scan, Pin) for use in various situations during the game.

Normal mode allows accurate distance measurements and confirms that you have locked onto something with a vibration.

You can move between targets, while scan mode displays distances between these targets for 10 seconds.

A maximum magnification of 6x allows locating the target easily with the Pin Mode. The vibration alert when the pin is detected makes this rangefinder particularly suitable for use on windy days or with shaky hands.


✅ Provides fast accurate yardages

✅ Compact

❌ Complicated to switch modes


Main Fatures:

PinSeeker with Visual JOLT


3D Flyovers with Distances

Access to 36,000+ Courses

Bushnell offers a perfect combination of speed, price, size, and weight. With its pinpoint accuracy, you only need to hold it to your eye, find your target and see the pin from where you are. While it is not a top model, it has a lot of functionality for golfers and optics that match a set of binoculars. In addition, the brand is trusted and reputed for quality and long-lasting products worthy of your cash.

The Pro XE rangefinder from Bushnell is one of the best and newest rangefinders on the market.

The new model is inferior to the previous Bushnell Pro X2 in its lower weight and attractive design. Still, the Bushnell XE is the fastest and most accurate golf rangefinder that golfers have tested. It also has exceptionally bright and precise readings, which is especially useful with the new magnet feature, which can be clipped to anything from the golf cart to an iron.

In addition, the slope calculation has been enhanced to include temperature and barometric elements, resulting in the most accurate “plays-like” distance possible for your game.


✅ A yardage range of more than 500 yards

✅ Visual JOLT displays a red ring on the screen right before the device vibrates, providing more feedback and confidence that you have locked onto the flag

✅ Bushnell Golf App for your smartphone

✅ Waterproof

✅ BITE Magnetic Cart Mount, which allows you to mount the rangefinder directly to the cart bar or driver

❌ Expensive mode compared with other good quality rangefinders


Main Fatures:

Adaptive Slope

600 Yards Range

Tournament Legal

Pulse Vibration

Few brands do it successfully when it comes to rangefinders, and precision pro is one of them. It is one of the most reputed and trusted brands in the industry, and they keep upgrading their rangefinders each year. Precision Pro has everything you need from a quality rangefinder without denting your wallet.

With Pulse Vibration Technology, you won’t miss a target because the device will send a short vibration to confirm that you have hit the intended target.

6X magnification and an LCD can work up to 400 yards and have an upgraded crystal clear screen with perfect vision of your distances.

When you purchase Precision PRO NX 9, you can notice two options available – slope and non-slope models. If you choose the slope version, you will receive more information from your device. It takes care of all the math so you can concentrate on hitting your target, and it will adjust the distance based on whether you’re shooting uphill or downhill. With a simple push of a button, you can turn off the slope and use it in competitive mode.

The magnetic grip and cart mount included in the package will keep your device safe from loss or damage.


✅ Good price for all the features it has

✅ Pulse vibration technology

✅ Slope technology

✅ Magnetic grip and cart mount that are handy during the game

❌ Build quality doesn’t feel as high end

❌ Optics aren’t as good as more expensive models


Main Fatures:

Pinhunter 3 Laser Technology

Prism Lock Technology

Club Selector

Max Range: 1000+ yards

Welcome to the future of golf with this brighter, faster, and accurate rangefinder that will take your game to the next level thanks to its high-performance digitally enhanced accuracy engine that enables it to provide faster measurements.

The unit is constructed of aluminum and then coated with a rubber ‘armor,’ allowing golfers to grip it more efficiently and comfortably than traditional grips.

When used for distance measuring, the unit not only fits comfortably in hand but also rests comfortably against the eye or sunglasses when in use. They fold down depending on whether or not someone is wearing glasses, and they are delightfully soft enough to deal with any eye situation in a comfortable manner, regardless of the situation.
When it comes to engaging in distance measuring activities, Leupold appears to be setting the standard regarding the speed with which pins are placed and distances measured.

The measuring speed of this rangefinder is breakneck. After either tapping the power button for a distance or holding it for a distance scan, it takes very little time to activate a distance scan.

“Fog Mode” is designed to cut through heavy fog and provide golfers with accurate distance measurements even in adverse weather conditions. For golfers who play in the early morning, knowing that a unit will withstand the elements is a great comfort.

To accurately represent distances, the GX-3i3 makes use of a couple of exciting features. With this unit, “PinHunter Laser Technology” measures the pin instantly and clearly from a distance of up to 450 yards, according to the manufacturer. When a pin prism is activated, the “PinHunter Lock Technology” provides audible feedback to the user. While not available on this unit, higher-priced models include “TGR,” which is Leupold’s realized distance to the target, which is unavailable (factoring altitude changes, actual temp, and actual altitude).


✅ 6X Magnification

✅ CR2 Lithium Ion Battery

✅ Fully Multi Coated Lens System

✅ 100% Waterproof

❌ Few golfers claimed breaks after couple of years of use


Main Fatures:

Pin Finder

Vibration Lock

Slope Adjusted Distance

Voice Audio

This sporty and compact laser features slope compensation technology that a golfer can turn on or off at any time they wish. It comes with three different targeting modes: scan, standard, and pin beside slight vibration that notifies you when you lock on your intended target. With this rangefinder, you can easily incorporate the hole’s elevation, giving a better view of your shot, making club selection more accurate.

It has a compact design, but it is not overly lightweight, and it fits comfortably in hand, though those with particularly large hands may find it difficult to operate.

The three targeting modes – standard, scan, and pin – can be used in any combination, depending on the situation. The 6x magnification and excellent visibility of the larger LCD screen ensure precision and clarity of results.

Because it has a slope on/off button located under the eyepiece to provide increased accuracy for various elevations that can be turned off for competition use, it truly checks all of the boxes a golfer looks for, making it one of the best GolfBuddy rangefinders money can buy today. If the device is left unattended for more than 10 seconds, it will automatically shut down to conserve battery life.

Using spoken distances significantly accelerated the process of determining distances to flags. It is loud enough to be heard, even on windy days, but not so loud that it disrupts playing partners or golfers on other holes close to the one used for distance calculation.


✅ Has a host of useful features that are easy to access

✅ Has unique audio mode for golfers that struggle with their sight

❌ Vibration when the flag is detected lasts too long


Main Fatures:

7x Magnification

P.A.T. (Pin Acquisition Technology) Range 400 yards

P.A.T. Accuracy of +/- 1 yard

Prism Technology

Slope Technology

The Callaway 300 Pro golf laser rangefinder is second on our list for its high cost (after the Bushnell rangefinder). But some of the features are excellent value for money. First of all, the maximum 1 200-yard range is a distinct advantage of this golf accessory.
Another differentiator from the other rangefinders on our list is the audible pin finder alert, while most golf rangefinders use vibration. This is where you’ll have to determine what is more comfortable for you. If you think the sound will distract you from your game, we suggest looking at another rangefinder in our list of the best golf rangefinders.

The Callaway 300 Pro also has a slope adjustment feature. During tournament use it can be turned off, while at other times this feature allows you to identify and count for hills, which is a solid advantage.
We also really liked the lightness and portability of the Callaway 300 Pro, which weighs only 200 grams.


✅ High-res OLED display

✅ Maximum 1200 yards raning distance

✅ Compact and Light 

✅  Can turn off slope function for legal tournament use


❌ Audible Pin Finder (can be an advantage for golfers who finds vibration disturbing)


Main Fatures:

High-quality 6x monocular

First Target Priority Mode

8-Second Continuous Measurement

Highly Versatile Tool

If you need a big performance in a compact body, then Nikon Coolshot 20 GII laser rangefinder is ideal for you. It features a first target priority and continuous measurement ability; this rangefinder allows easy and fast distance measurement. The range finder can virtually range any object within its sight, including lakes, trees, bunkers, flagsticks, dog legs, and hills.

It’s a fairly small unit that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the case doesn’t protrude excessively from the side of your bag. It’s worth noting that, unlike most rangefinder cases, this one is attached with a Velcro strap rather than a metal loop. While this makes it easier to take on and off your bag, it may not be as secure when traveling over rough terrain.

When comparing yardages to other rangefinders, the results are accurate and visible on the bright and clear display. This algorithm, known as First Target Priority, is designed to ensure that you measure the closest object when there are multiple objects overlapping – such as trees in front of the flag – and it works extremely well in practice.


✅ 8-second continuous measurement

✅  Automatically displays the range to the first/nearest target

✅ Clear and high contrast views

✅ Not expensive

❌ Minimum features to compare with other rangefinders

❌ Lack of Slope

❌ Lack of Stabilization


Main Fatures:

Max Range of 540 Yards

Advanced Pin Seeker Mode

Optional Slope Mode

Continuous Scan Mode


The TecTecTec VPRO500S laser rangefinder features Advanced PinSensor Technology, PinSeeker, Scan, and Distant Target Priority Modes.

The TecTecTec VPRO500S is equipped with Slope Technology.

When you use the PinSensor technology, you can get an accurate distance measurement by disregarding any overlapping objects that could interfere with the movement of your swing, for example, rainy weather. If there are any reflections from raindrops on the pin, PinSensor will ignore them and continue to range out to the flag to give you the distance to your next hole.

The Pinseeker or Flagseeker mode on this digital golf rangefinder is First Target Priority Mode, prioritizing the first target.

This is particularly appropriate for golf because you will only receive distances closest to you, rather than distances further away from you due to background trees, brush, or other distractions.

ProScan is the name of the scan mode on the TecTecTec monocular rangefinder, which is available on the TecTecTec.

All conventional rangefinders have this feature as standard, and it’s especially useful in golf because it can identify hazards such as water, sand traps, and other objects besides the flag that aren’t necessarily on the course.

As you move the rangefinder around the course, the distances between the targets will appear on the screen as you pass over them. If you’re looking for a quick distance evaluation of your course, this feature is worth mentioning.


✅ 6X magnification

✅ Fully multi-coated optics

✅ Weatherproof

❌ No battery indicator

❌ Few reviews I’ve seen that it is not suitable for people with poor eyesight


Main Fatures:

Slope Toggle Technology

Pin Seeker

Golf APP

2 year warranty

Do you want a speedy and accurate golf laser rangefinder of all the times? Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Laser Golf is one of the largest, digitized to give a clear view of your golf game.

It is featured with Slope-Switch Technology, Bite Magnetic Mount, and PinSeeker with Visual JOLT. Its Magnification is powerful, the 6X Magnification ensures a clear view of the slope.

Indeed, this device will ultimately upgrade your game to expert level, as with every view, you can have clear Magnification ranging from 5 yards to 1300 yards.

The Tour V5 Shift rangefinder, which is molded with the ideal combination of size, speed, accuracy, and Visual JOLT, is designed to instill confidence in golfers for every shot they will take on the course. The most recent version has been slimmed down and made more compact for easier handling.

With the introduction of the all-new PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology in the V5 rangefinders, JOLT has been elevated to an entirely new level. In addition, a red ring flashes as the JOLT vibrates, providing the golfer with more confidence that they have locked onto the flagstick. They feature Slope Switch technology, which allows the golfer to easily toggle between our patented Slope function and the rest of the game.

In this way, the golfer can take advantage of Slope to get compensated distances around the course whenever they want while also having a USGA conforming device that is legal for tournament play whenever they need it.


✅ 6x magnification

✅ JOLT Technology

✅ Redifined Clarity

✅ Bite Magnetic Cart Mount

❌ Expensive


Main Fatures:

10” of the flag, up to 450 yards

Full color

2-D CourseView for 41 000+ courses

Pin Pointer Feature

This is a Golf Rangefinder that will give you a greater sight of every view. It is boosted by GPS that gives accurate reading no matter the object’s distance across the game yard.

With German Z82, get to know the distances, hole, wind speed, and direction and have the best shot ever. Perform all this with the help of a laser range arc, just a 2-D course view. Enjoy the golf play on a hazard view laid on a quick map with exact yard locations. As well, the pinpointer will help you to know which directional hit the golf ball.

The Approach Z82 lens provides a two-dimensional overlay of full-color Course View and Green View maps in real-time. A full-color 2-D Course View mapping is displayed on the left-hand side of the lens view when looking through the viewfinder, showing distances between hazards and the green. Using the flag finder feature, you can lock on to the flag and get accurate distances to the pin.

The Laser Range Arc will be drawn on the green at a distance between the flag and the golfer’s position on the green, allowing the golfer to see if the pin is in the front, middle, or back of the green. Additionally, when ranging other targets on the course, the arc can see what else is in the picture.

There’s also a PlaysLike Distance feature that takes slopes into account, as well as a PinPointer feature that directs blind shots to the middle of the green.

The way GPS technology and hole maps have been integrated into a rangefinder is awe-inspiring. This model can undoubtedly be called the best of all laser rangefinders for golf. Hence their high price, which varies from $500 to $600.


✅ Accurate

✅ Simple in use

✅ Hole overlays helps significantly in the development of strategy, particularly off the tee

✅ Green / Hazard View

✅ Displays Wind Speed

❌ Complex functionality requires some time to get used to

❌ Battery life is not the best compared to other golf rangefinders

❌ Expensive 


Main Fatures:

Stabilzed Technology

Visual and Audio signal on flags ranging

3 seconds measurements response

Actual Distance Indicator Technology

This is a golf rangefinder that will advantage the players who rely on distances and measurement accuracies before taking a shot. With this device, view any small object like flagsticks or holes quickly and direct the laser confidently onto the target.

You can use this device and have yards ranging between 8 yards to 1200 yards.

The stabilization feature is claimed to reduce handshake by approximately 80%, and while it takes some getting used to, we found that it made it easier to lock on to a flag with practice. There’s nothing more frustrating than not determining the proper distance, and this rangefinder should assist you in this endeavor.

For added reassurance, this laser can provide both audible and visual flagstick confirmation, and it has four different measurement modes for golfers who play a lot of hilly courses.

However, while the waterproofing and automatic brightness adjustment level go a long way toward justifying the price, the unique stabilization feature also contributes to the overall justification. If your hands are unsteady, you enjoy playing a variety of courses, and money is not an issue, this is most likely your ideal match.


✅ Advanced optical stabilization system to reduce vibration

✅ Waterproof and fogproof construction

✅ Audible and visual flagstick confirmation

❌ Does not have a built-in magnet


Main Fatures:

Laser Rangefinder + GPS Combo

Fully Intergrated Display

Vibration Lock

Exterior GPS Readout: Front/Back/Center

Readout up to 4 Hazard per Hole

Do you want a classic golf GPS rangefinder? Then the Bushnell Hybrid can supplement your desire. It is designed with high technology like vibrating pulses that confirm the exact view of the focused object.

Bushnell Hybrid displays the distances to the front, back and middle, and of the green. PinSeeker and JOLT technology determine the distance to the flag. The rangefinder produces a vibrating burst when the target has been selected from the background and viewed through the viewfinder.

Since the GPS and Laser functions are powered by two different sources, a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a CR2 battery, respectively, they do not need to be turned on simultaneously as the rest of the device.

Four easy-to-grasp buttons assist you in turning on the GPS and selecting the appropriate course from among the 36,000 that have been preloaded.

Even though it doesn’t provide as much information or have the same “wow factor” as the Garmin Approach Z82, the Bushnell Hybrid is a good option for golfers who want both laser and GPS functionality while maintaining simplicity.


✅ Dual battery source (CR2 for Laser and USB for GPS)

✅ PinSeeker with JOLT Technology

✅ Range to a flag: 400 yards

✅ Accurate to 1 yard

✅ Preloaded with 36,000 plus courses in 30 countries

✅ Exterior GPS readout includes front/center/back distances

❌ GPS battery life doesn’t last long

❌ Few golfers noticed that built-in rechargeable battery is supposed to last 3 rounds but so far hardly makes it through 2 rounds


Main Fatures:

880 Yard Range

Slope Adjusted Distances

3 Targeting Mode

6X Magnification

Wide LCD Display


The Golfbuddy 1s, like the rest of the Golfbuddy rangefinders, is accurate to within one yard from 5 to 880 yards, which is quite impressive considering the price tag of the device. However, even though higher-end rangefinders can shoot further than this, you won’t need anything more than what the 1s can provide on a golf course.

Knowing how far away the flag is from you is one thing, but if you are hitting up or down a hill, the actual or “Playslike” distance will be significantly different. The 1s provides both an actual distance to the pin and a slope-adjusted distance to the pin, allowing you to choose the best club for the situation.

In most cases, rangefinders latch onto trees behind the pin rather than the actual flagstick. Still, with the pin lock feature, you can be sure that you are getting a realistic range and that the device vibrates once it has locked on for maximum accuracy, among other benefits.

There are three modes:

  • Standard, which will allow you to free up space.
  • Pin, which will attempt to lock onto the pin.
  • Scan, which will pick up the distances to many targets and hazards at the same time.

✅ Ergonomically designed 

✅ Fast response time

✅ Slope Features can be on/off by mode button

✅ 6x Magnification with diopter adjustment

✅ Water resistant

❌ It’s relatively simple to use but if you accidentally press the range button before you have locked in on the flag, it takes several seconds before it clears

❌ Few golfers claimed that it reads different numbers constantly

If you are interested in other GPS devices to enhance your game, you may be interested to see our review of the Best Golf GPS Watches.

By James McMillan

James McMillan is an experienced golfer, providing the most detailed and trustworthy reviews of the best golf equipment and the latest innovations in the golf industry. James' primary goal is to help readers find reliable and trusted information about golf products, which includes both buying tips and the best deals on the market.
James is 46 years old, has been playing golf for 23 years and has a handicap of 10.

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