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A golfer needs to understand how the putter suits them before heading to the course. Because serving the ball in golf is a mental exercise, the golfer needs to establish a relationship with his putter.

Remember that you will reach for your putter more often than any other club in your bag while playing golf. All experienced golfers state that the easiest way to reduce the number of strokes from your handicap is to hone your game on the greens and reduce the number of strokes needed to hit the ball in the hole. That’s why you need to find the best golf putters that’s right for you.

When choosing a putter, the player is guided not only by the improved technology of the manufacturer but also by the appearance of the putter and its sound.

Putter manufacturers, of course, are aware of this. Because of this, they don’t make massive changes to putters that have already succeeded in shape and technology. They simply continue to improve putters by refining successful models. In our list of the Best Putters, you may see models you already know, while some features you may be seeing for the first time.

Choosing the best putter for you is a personal decision based on your personal preferences. In the end, it should all come down to choosing a putter that feels right to you and that might make all the difference in your scores.

The Best Golf Putters of 2022 for an Afforradble Price

We have picked out the best putters for golf in the medium price range and which are suitable for beginners as well as professional players.

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The Frontline Elevado is the flagship model of a collection of seven different Frontline putter models. Cleveland’s Frontline family of clubs differs from the other putters by having a Tungsten Forward Weighting on the front of the heel and toe area. Typically, many putter manufacturers add weight to the back of the head. The company reasons that this weight distribution increases stability and accuracy on the greens. This, in turn, helps golfers knock the balls straight out.

The Frontline Elevado features Cleveland’s Speed Optimized Face Technology and 2135 Technology for consistent range on all strokes. The forged insert on the face has grooves that are designed to normalize ball speed. All of this allows putts to hit off-center in the strike zone to roll out almost the same distance as a well-hit putt.


The TaylorMade Spider has played a considerable role in replacing paddle patterns in favor of models with a more forgiving MOI and mallet style putter. TaylorMade continues to prove that Spider is one of the best putters by continually improving them. So we saw two brand new models (TaylorMade EX and TaylorMade SR) aimed at extra forgiveness and stability along with the updated Spider S and X.

The TaylorMade Spider EX putter, like its predecessor, the Spider X, is a fast, compact putter with a high MOI.

The TaylorMade Spider EX’s head is 3.5mm longer from toe to heel and 2.7mm broader from face to back than the Spider X’s head, making it a more forgiving club.

TaylorMade distributed 56g of steel between the two separate rear wings, making a lightweight aluminum body. This also allowed them to take extra protection by placing 20-30g of Volvram on the toe and heel behind the face. The additional weight on the putter’s outer edges contributes significantly to its overall stability performance.

The TaylorMade Spider EX comes with a new fluted hockey stick that TaylorMade worked on with KBS to customize and enhance the feel and an aggressively sharp fluted Pure Roll insert in urethane and aluminum.

TaylorMade has invested a great deal of time, effort, and expertise into developing the Spider EX, and we are huge fans of the product. There are three hosel options to choose from, which is impressive. This putter will suit all golfers, no matter whether your stroke is straight, light, or strong. We’re also excited about the available colors of the putter.


The Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track putter series comes in nine different variants. However, we would like to highlight the “2-Ball” model because it has taken alignment to a new level.

The seemingly original design of the 2-Ball, which has appeared on the market earlier, was already revolutionary. But Odyssey didn’t stop there and improved it by adding a “triple track” that makes it easier than ever to make sure your putts are lined up correctly. We also recommend using this putter with a Callaway golf ball with a “triple track.”

You are practically guaranteed to be precisely aligned when you line up the lines on the ball with the lines on the putter unless anything goes wrong. Regardless of how far off you are by one degree, it will be apparent, and you will be able to adjust.

As you would expect from Odyssey, there are a plethora of technological marvels on display. The Microhinge Star Insert gives a more rigid feel and improved sound at impact, while Stroke Weighting reduces the putter shaft’s weight by 40 grams, distributing the weight evenly between the head and grip end.


There are nine putters in the 2021 collection, ranging from three variations of the legendary Anser to mid-sized mallets to more enormous mallets, among other things. There are a few things that they all share in common.

Each putter contains a new Pebax elastomer insert with two firmness levels, which is unique to this model. Pebax is a polymer that Ping has used in a few of their putters in the past, including the Sigma 2 series. It is lightweight, feels soft upon impact, and performs admirably re-transferring energy to the ball. Ping uses two Pebax layers in the 2021 putters, with the outermost layer being soft to improve performance on short putts and the back layer being stiffer to provide a more solid feel on long putts. The Heppler putters, introduced by Ping featuring a smooth stainless steel face that is supposed to feel stiff and crisp, are a good match for this soft insert.

The materials used to construct each putter’s head differ depending on the size of the putter’s head, but they were all designed to provide more excellent stability and forgiveness.

We believe that, except for the Ping Fetch, the Tomcat 14 is the best MOI style putter that Ping has made in a long period of time. The flexibility to modify shaft length from 32″ to 36″ (because 8 out of 10 golfers use the incorrect length putter) may seal the sale for golfers deciding between two models.


The Phantom X 11.5 is a slightly larger version of the Phantom X 5. The silver parts are machined from 303 stainless steel, and the darker parts are made from aluminum to minimize weight. The larger profile makes the 11.5 more stable and has a larger MOI, making it more resistant to torsion on off-center shocks.

The Phantom X 11.5 has a single curve positioned low in the neck curve and with a balled face, which promotes more movement in the toe part of the club, so it is better suited for straight-stroke golfers.

The Phantom X 5.5 has a machined head from a piece of 303 stainless steel. It has extensions in the heel and toe area. Instead of leaving the entire head in one piece, which would have made the club incredibly heavy, Scotty Cameron replaced most of the bottom of the head with aluminum, which is a much lighter material, and then attached a pair of weights to the heel and toe of the club head. Although the weights are not meant to adjust weights, you can still go to a club maintenance specialist to swap them out. This will help you adjust the weights depending on club length and your preference.

The PhantomX5.5 has minimal toe dangling thanks to its narrower neck and slightly tilted profile. It is more suitable for players who have a slightly arched ball stroke than a traditional one.


The multijet nylon printing technology developed by COBRA KING is used to design the new COBRA KING series of 3D-printed patterns. The finished version consists of a nylon insert, forged aluminum crowns, and tungsten weights.

The 3D printed nylon insert is a complex 3D printed nylon lattice structure that improves weight distribution within the putter head to create the highest MOI and optimal stability.

Oversize blade form combines 3D printed nylon lattice insert, a 284g steel frame, a 22g aluminum cap, and 30g tungsten in the heel and toe to create an oversize blade shape.

Compared to the aluminum-based 3D printing material, nylon is about half the weight of nylon. Conventional manufacturing methods couldn’t have produced the internal lattice structures. Printed nylon instead of metal allowed to reduce the weight of the putter’s center component by half.

Each of the King 3D Printed putters has a grooved, variable-loft face that was designed by SIK to aid golfers in creating a better roll on the green. It features four layers that extend from heel to toe, with 4 degrees of loft in the upper section of the hitting area. It has a four-layer construction.


Mizuno is not well known in terms of putters, but the M-Craft line offers high-end performance in a visually appealing design. M-Craft putters are available in both blade and mallet designs and three colors. Their appearance is beautiful.

Mizuno claims that the M-Craft 3’s machined face and forging from mild carbon steel will provide a softer feel and a more pure roll than previous models. They are forged from high-quality carbon steel and then meticulously CNC-milled, yielding stunning results — there are even changeable sole weights for even more customization.

This putter is equipped with 8-gram weights in the heel and toe, but it also comes with two 3-gram and one 13-gram weight, allowing you to modify to a wide range of putting environments.

Putters come with Mizuno with nice headcovers.


Over half of the putters that Odyssey manufactures for tour players are still requested with the original White Hot face insert, which is incredible given that the original was released 20 years ago. Perhaps even more impressive is that the White Insert material is the same as that used in the cover of Callaway’s Rule 35 golf ball, which is an industry first.

It’s hardly a surprise that Odyssey has decided to bring back the White Hot insert, paired with six new models and a new Stroke Lab shaft that is firmer and more stable than the previous version.

You’ll have a strong affinity for the new Odyssey White Hot OG putter. It has an excellent mallet form, and because of some surface milling (the entire head is not CNC cut), you get incredibly crisp and defined edges when you address the White Hot. Combine it with the White Hot insert’s firm to the touch yet soft under impact features, as well as a new candy apple red Stroke Lab shaft, and we believe you’ve got yourself a top-performing putter for 2021.


The tag proclaims, ‘Armlock made simple.’ Guerin Rife, a putter design guru, has developed an intriguing proposal that you should check out.

The Midlock Grip operates in the following ways: it has a patented grip design with the most profound pistol dimension permitted by the United States Golf Association. It shifts the grip to the side, which causes the shaft angle to be pushed away from the mid-forearm.

By doing so, the customary nine degrees of loft is reduced to just four degrees, which is comparable to an essential forward press. After that, you should have a set-up that encourages a smooth one-piece putting stroke with no moving parts, hence eliminating all undesired wrist movement.

The grip, which has the largest pistol-grip shape permitted by the rules, may not appear to be the best fit at first glance, yet it is great for the forearm. This provides a genuine impression of secure “locking,” which aids in the relief of wrist discomfort.

Evnroll says that the ideal Midlock is 6 inches longer than your standard putter, keeping with the usual Guerin Rife design. As a result, if you use a 34-inch putter, you should play with a 40-inch Midlock putter, giving you a choice between three different lengths.

If you haven’t tried an Armlock-style putter before, we believe this is the putter for you if you struggle with inconsistency on the greens and want to give it a shot.


Huntington Beach Soft Premier is distinguished by its sleek, premium Gray Satin PVD finish. It is also equipped with score-lowering technology. Speed Optimized Face Technology produces consistent ball speeds over the whole face of the putter head.

The use of diamond CNC machining increases friction, resulting in a pure roll with a softer impact than a conventional design. Traditional blades are excellent for both professional and amateur golfers. Increase your putts and improve your putter fitting by using this excellent stock grip. Hosel configurations are ideal for improving your putting game. This finest putter has all of the necessary putter characteristics.

The putter’s face is designed to normalize ball speeds across the whole surface, so you will never miss another putt again. Unparalleled genuine roll and pure feel are supplied by design, which is CNC carved from diamond.

What to Consider when Choosing a New Golf Putter?

Design of the Head

Putters are available in three different designs: classic blade, mid-mallet, and the mallet. All three types offer advantages and disadvantages for each player, and fortunately, many brands are implementing technologies that are compatible with all three.

Mallet putters are typically significantly larger than blade putters, and they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is beneficial in a variety of ways. While the clubface is often a primary location for weight distribution in a mallet putter, due to the shape of the club, weight can be shifted to other parts of the head, which can aid in stabilizing your putt and improving overall performance. The putter’s weight is distributed around the perimeter of the clubhead, which provides a better balance than can be achieved with a blade putter.

There is also the benefit of mallet putters having a wider sweet spot. This is particularly useful if you have difficulty consistently striking putts from the middle of the face. The weight in the clubhead also assists in this situation since it reduces the twisting the putter does throughout the entire stroke.

Additionally, if you have difficulty with alignment, a mallet putter may be the best option for you. A mallet putter can be advantageous in this situation because it can assist you in aligning your eyes with the putt. Because putting is all about accuracy, alignment is critical in this situation.

Compared to the mallet putters shown above, a blade putter is far more straightforward in terms of design and will appeal to traditionalists far more than they will to those who prefer more modern styles. Because of the toe-weighted structure of the clubhead, blade putters are also well-suited to players who have an arc in their putting stroke.


Not only are we talking about the feel and sound the ball produces as it leaves the face, but we’re also talking about how the putter feels in your hands.

A quieter sound generally results in a softer sensation, whereas a louder sound results in a harder feel. Having a firmer feel is frequently the result of shallow grooves or no grooves at all on the face, which means that sound can’t be dispersed as well. Putting putters with a harder feel perform well with firmer golf balls, whereas soft-feeling putters work best with softer golf balls.

You may get putters that have changeable weights in the sole, which will change the putter’s feel as you hit it. Consider the following scenario: a heavier putter will encourage this even more if your stroke is relatively smooth and slow. A lighter putter may be preferred by jerky putters, while increasing the putter’s weight may reduce it, depending on your goals.

The putter grip has a significant impact on the level of confidence you have with a putter. Choose a putter that feels great in your hands and allows you to return the putter to the ball squarely and consistently while being comfortable in your hands.


You should purchase a putter that you enjoy the look of since aesthetics can impact whether or not you feel confident about the greens.

Blades will not provide as much alignment assistance, but they will continue to be popular due to the way they feel and the fact that the levels of forgiveness are improving year after year.

Mallet putters have a larger surface area and, as a result, can provide more assistance in aligning the face accurately. Mid mallets are located in the spectrum center, providing a reasonable measure of help without appearing overly bulky.


It is also important to consider the price because, while some high-end designs are available, other models are fantastic value for money. The ball will be propelled towards the hole by all putters, but they will do so differently. If the function of your bag is more important to you than its appearance or feel, there are several low-cost solutions available that will do an excellent job, allowing you to spend your money elsewhere in your bag.

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