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With innovation, different leading brands will continue creating better versions of their already existing golf drivers. That’s why there is high competition in the golf driver market as companies strive to produce the best drivers that golfers will love. Whether you are a beginner or a fast swinger, a wide range of golf drivers in the market will suit your needs. Continue reading this review to discover the best golf drivers that you can find in the market.

12 Best Golf Drivers That Will Never Go Out of Style

best golf drivers

Key Feautures

  • This golf driver consists of a black carbon fiber crown that incorporates its base’s sizeable white and blue graphics.
  • The driver consists of a compact, slightly pear-shaped design
  • The driver comes in a sharp stock headcover
  • The driver also integrates a spilled mass weighting to improve forgiveness
  • It also incorporates a speed inertia generator that facilitates higher clubhead speed
best golf drivers

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver is a lightweight golf driver with a compact and aerodynamic design that enhances its performance through a relatively lower spin and launch than other SIM 2 golf drivers. Below are some of its pros and cons.

Pros & Cons

✅ This golf driver works efficiently due to the incorporation of an aerodynamic shape

✅ It is light in weight, thus enabling easy and efficient golf driving

✅ It has a low spin and high forgiveness, which is capable of delivering high MOI with a 16g heavy steel weight

✅ This driver has a great solid feel that makes you want to hit a golf ball from time to time

✅ The incorporation of a SIM Inertia helps in facilitating a higher head speed

❌ Some users complain of the lack of a key for club adjustment

❌ This golf driver may not be affordable to some golfers.


Key Feautures

  • This golf driver incorporates a Jailbreak Speed Frame design that facilitates impressive speeds of the ball.
  • The golf driver also has a flash face design that significantly contributes to faster ball speeds over an extensive area.
  • Additionally, this golf driver incorporates a sizeable head with an aerodynamic design that reduces the dragging effect and encourages faster head speed.
  • The driver has Triaxial carbon covering a significant area of the toe and crown, thus making it a lightweight driver.
best golf drivers

Pros & Cons

✅ A significant portion of the crown and toe of this golf driver consists of a Triaxial carbon covering, thus making it lighter than most titanium crowns

✅ This golf driver has improved forgiveness due to the redistribution of the 16grams saved weight

✅ The driver is efficient due to its higher ball speed and lower drag effect due to the unique aerodynamic construction of its head

✅ The golfer has a better sight of the previous miss-hits, thus improving their hitting accuracy

❌ This golf driver may not be affordable to some buyers due to high price


Key Feautures

  • This product incorporates a radial weighting technology that facilitates optimum forgiveness and speed.
  • The integration of the CNC Milled Infinity Face construction helps in the expansion of the milled area up to 95%.
  • Also, this golf driver integrates a lightweight T-Bar Chassis which is lighter by around 7 grams.
  • The crown of this golf driver consists of a thin-ply carbon, thus improving the lightweight feature of the driver.
  • The incorporation of extreme front weighting contributes to the fast speed of the ball and low spin.
best golf drivers

This driver is one unique piece that incorporates several features, including the adjustable weights, low spin and  high speed of the ball. 

Pros & Cons

✅ When hitting a ball using this driver, you will experience its low spin and faster speed of the ball

✅ The driver perfectly maintains standard forgiveness due to the effect of the radial weighting

✅ Thanks to the CNC Milled Infinity Face, you will have a 95% increase in the milled area and a subsequent increase in the maximum ball speed zone

✅ It is easy to use this golf driver, thanks to its lightweight

✅ It has a satisfying feeling when you hold it in the palms of your hands

✅ Upon hitting a ball, the Cobra Radspeed driver produces a satisfying high pitch sound

❌ The Cobra Radspeed Driver has standard forgiving features which are not as forgiving as other popular drivers


Key Feautures

  • It comes with new adjustability versions.
  • The golf driver incorporates five positions at the rear side of the head.
  • It has an aerodynamic construction that facilitates a higher ball flight after impact.
  • It integrates weighting and ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium materials.
best golf drivers

If you are a lower handicap player, Titleist TSi3 Driver is the golf driver for you. It has an elegant appearance, and you will love its solid impactful sound.

Pros & Cons

✅ The driver has a desirable and elegant appearance, from its good-looking shape to its clean and shiny look

✅ The sole has no color or brand name, which makes this golf driver exceptional and appealing

✅ It produces a powerful, impactful sound, especially when it hits the ball at its core, producing a slightly louder and booming sound

✅ Considering its shape and size, it has impressive forgiveness

✅ It is good at maintaining a launch angle, ball speed, and spinning rates thanks to its weighting and aerospace titanium features


❌ This golf driver does not have elite forgiveness, which makes it only suitable for lower handicap participants

❌ Does not fit golfers who would prefer adjusting the weighting since the weight adjustment is limited


Key Feautures

  • It comes with a high-quality headcover.
  • It has so much in common with previous PING golf driver’s versions.
  • Some faint depressions are visible on the crown’s rear side for improving its aerodynamics.
  • It features an excellent level of forgiveness.

If you want the most consistent golf driver that facilitates easy hitting, the Ping G425 Max Driver is the golf driver for you. It has better forgiveness ability than the Ping G410 but is similar in adjustability.

Pros & Cons

✅ You will love the sole of this golf driver since it has a more classic appearance

✅ It comes with a robust headcover

✅ It has slight depressions towards the crown’s rear side that facilitate better aerodynamics of the driver

✅ When hitting a ball, this golf driver produces a uniquely robust and constant sound that is satisfying

✅ This golf driver gives you a clear view of the impact position, thanks to the twisting when you hit the face’s edge

✅ It is good in maintaining adjustability while also enhancing the forgiveness than the G410 Plus

✅ It is the best choice you can have that has utmost reliability off the tee

✅ It is consistent in delivering faster and stronger spin numbers and launch

❌ he G425 Max is an improvement of the G410 Plus, but the difference in the features are less noticeable


Key Feautures

  • Towards the heel of this golf driver, it incorporates carbon fiber dual swaths.
  • This golf driver integrates a Forged SAT2041 Beta Ti face of the second generation to enhance the speed of the ball.
  • The Mizuno ST-Z golf driver integrates two lofts, 9.5 and 10.5, allowing its adjustability at the hosel.
  • It is possible to turn the loft upwards or downwards at 2.25 degrees.

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Pros & Cons

✅ This driver has a relatively enhanced general appearance than the previous versions

✅ The sound that this driver produces after ball hitting is on another level, enhanced by integrating the effects of the wood. The sound has a medium pitch and is quiet

✅ Mizuno ST-Z Driver will serve the purpose of having a golf driver with a faster explosive feeling

✅ It generates a higher ball speed than the previous versions of Mizuno

✅ It incorporates slightly lower spins than other previous versions

❌ Although the Mizuno ST-Z golf driver is a forgiving club, it still doesn’t attain the forgiving levels of some premium golf drivers

❌  Expensive


Key Feautures

This golf driver has a CG positioning that helps minimize spin while maintaining a remarkable level of forgiveness and MOI.

The driver has a built-in Jailbreak Speed Frame.

It also incorporates a Triaxial carbon material that is light in weight, facilitating faster ball speed due to its ease of use.

This golf driver also incorporates a Flash Face SS21 Technology.


This golf driver is one of the best drivers that you can find currently in the market. That is why some golfers have already begun putting it in their list of best entries in the classic line of golf drivers of 2021 and I am sure will continue in 2022.

Pros & Cons

✅ Most golfers love this driver because it is more forgiving and long than other drivers in the same price category

✅ You have more options to choose from, thanks to the integration of the exclusive adjustability feature

✅ Unlike other low-spin golf drivers, the Callaway Epic Max LS golf driver integrates a better option in terms of balance and inclusiveness

✅ According to most mid-handicappers, this is their best driver in terms of performance

✅ It is easy to use because of its aerodynamic design that cuts through the air quickly

❌ It isn’t easy to access the movable weight guiding manual

❌ When using it, there are chances of attaining poor results due to the configuration or sub-optimal shaft


Key Feautures

  • It integrates three loft options that you can choose from for adjustability.
  • This golf driver incorporates a non-rotating mechanism that facilitates easy adjustability.
  • It incorporates a keel sole that facilitates encourages a straight flight and optimization of the draw-biased weight.
  • The golf driver has a flip slot that promotes the ball’s speed in terms of consistency.
  • It also incorporates a radial face construction that contributes to a better consistent speed of the ball.

The primary purpose of Honma creating this golf driver was to improve on speed. Fortunately, they achieved this ultimate goal as a significant number of testers have testified of their incredible speed

Pros & Cons

✅ This golf driver is perfectly suitable for adjustability thanks to incorporating three loft choices and the non-rotating mechanism

✅ With this club, you can easily adjust the loft, lie and face angle without dismantling the shaft

✅ It has better and straighter flights thanks to the keel sole

✅ The driver offers a better consistent ball speed thanks to the built-in flip slot and the radial face design

✅ The variable crown is ultra-thin, which significantly saves weight, thus minimizing energy loss during an impact

❌ The Honma line of golf drivers is not as popular as other brands

❌ Expensive


Key Feautures

  • It incorporates an appearance and design that is almost in the same class as Callaway and TaylorMade brands.
  • It consists of a Turbocharged cup face that helps in maintaining performance during ball striking.
  • It is made of light materials, thus saving on weight.

If you are in golfing games to have fun, and affordable golf driver would be best for you. This driver will help you with launching and forgiveness and is best for beginners.

Pros & Cons

✅ This golf driver is suitable for beginner golfers who do not produce high ball speeds

✅ The driver is affordable if you have a tighter budget and still have a good performance

✅ It is excellent in launch and forgiveness

✅ Although it is affordable, it still has the appearance of a premium club

✅ It is easy to use this driver and also to swing it\n\n\tIt incorporates a good-looking and friendly head

❌ This golf driver does not integrate adjustable hosels and movable weights, making it more of a fun golf driver than a professional one

❌ The driver is not suitable for swing speeds that are too high

❌ It produces a loud noise that might not be appealing to some golfers


Key Feautures

  • The Wilson Staff D9 Driver has a sole that weighs 10 grams, replaceable with another sole weighing 3 grams.
  • It integrates an aerodynamic design that facilitates easy flight and launching.
  • Each piece of these drivers is a product of software of computer modeling.
  • It has a highly technological and improved face that has ever been seen in the Wilson driver line.
  • The face of this golf driver consists of a series of fractural areas that facilitate more outstanding performance and distance.

The manufacturing of previous versions of Wilson drivers concentrated more on making ultra-light D series drivers. However, the D9 came with better features that are more appealing to any golfer

Pros & Cons

✅ Golfers have the option of adjusting and fine-tuning launching and forgiveness by either using the 10 grams sole or 3 grams sole

✅ Each driver effectively delivers better performance and distance thanks to the driver’s face, which incorporates a sequence of fractural zones

✅ This club also is light in weight due to the incorporation of a composite crown with three layers

✅ It attains higher launching and forgiveness due to its lightweight and increased face sweet spot

✅ It experiences minimum vibration thanks to the three-layer composite crown

✅ It offers both control and forgiveness at an affordable cost-friendly price

❌ This golf driver is mainly limited to golfers who have swing speeds that are below average. Therefore, if you have above-average swing speeds, this might not be the best golf driver for you


Key Feautures

  • It incorporates a unique and appealing design.
  • This ZX7 model incorporates a deeper-faced profile that has a more compact construction.
  • The crown of this golf driver consists of relatively larger carbon fiber.
  • It has is light in weight, a helpful feature in ensuring that all the energy translates to the ball.

Srixon ZX7 golf driver is a product of manufacturing from Srixon that has gained a remarkable audience and market base due to an array of features and benefits.

Pros & Cons

✅ This driver brings about a robust, explosive feel during an impact, thus translating into a competitive distance

✅ Golfers or any other player can easily manage the direction of the golf driver in several ways

✅ Looking at an angle behind the ball, this driver has an attractive appearance

✅ It produces a relatively dull sound, thanks to the integration of the crown with massive carbon fiber

✅ It exerts more power to the ball, thus enhancing the ball’s speed while also maintaining an admirable acoustics balance

✅ Its lightweight significantly minimizes energy loss as all the energy goes to the ball at impact

✅ It has reduced spin and improved forgiveness

❌ The price tags of this golf driver may not be pocket-friendly to some people who have a tight budget

❌ Some golfers find it challenging to use the hosel adjustability system, which can be difficult to align


Key Feautures

  • It has a large head that extends backward in a triangular shape giving it an aerodynamic design.
  • It is made of light materials, making it a lightweight driver that is easy to launch.
  • It consists of Jailbreak bars at the rear side of the face for maximum ball speed.
  • This golf driver also has a solid titanium flash face that is also lightweight.
  • It incorporates a triaxial carbon crown that improves the performance of the driver.

This B21 driver is the first to incorporate premium features such as high launching and ultra-low forward center of gravity from Callaway

Pros & Cons

✅ It incorporates a much improved and better color scheme than the Mavrik

✅ The good thing about this driver is that it offers an abundance of forgiveness

✅ If you are a player or golfer and you want to bring the slice spin to lower levels, this is the perfect driver for you

✅ Thanks to the large head with an aerodynamic shape, it is easy to hit the ball using this driver

✅ It incorporates a lightweight construction that encourages ease of use

✅ It naturally adds loft during impact, thus maximizing carry and higher flights

❌ Considering its category, some players may find that it costs more than they can afford

❌  This driver is not suitable for some golfers, especially those who prefer hooking the ball

❌ It may take a while to get used to its offset fully

As stated at the beginning of this article, whether you are a beginner or a fast swinger, there is always a golf driver that is suitable for you. There are also pocket-friendly drivers in case you have a tight budget. That said, we hope you can pick a golf driver that perfectly suits your needs.



The loft is how high the club’s face slopes back. Driver loft should correspond to your swing speed. It usually ranges between 8.5deg to 15. The more loft you need, the slower your swing speed. You should have between 10 and 12 degrees of loft if your average swing speed (the most common for male golfers) is 80 to 90 mph. This combined with new two-piece balls spinning at a lower spin rate means recreational golfers can optimize their launch angle.


Drivers come in a variety of lengths. There are many models to choose from, typically 43.5″-47″, but the drivers grow more extended, with some reaching 48″, which is the maximum allowed. It’s because most shafts are longer than others, which means that the head will travel faster. The distance it travels may be reduced if the shaft is too long. You will also find it more challenging to control the ball properly and to hit it accurately the more prolonged the shaft. It would be best if you chose the longest driver possible so that you can hit the ball consistently and accurately. Keep in mind that you’re not driving for entertainment; you’re driving to score.


It’s possible to have drivers made of stainless steel or an alloy, as well as forged titanium. A high-quality alloy driver can be purchased for a low price if you are only occasionally at the driving range or on the course. A titanium driver (or multi-material titanium driver like composite) is more expensive, and it’s better for golfers who play more often. Stainless-steel drivers will add weight to your swing, which gives you more control over the descent. The maximum allowable size for drivers is 460cc. This size increases the moment of inertia, allowing for more forgiveness when hitting off-center shots.

By James McMillan

James McMillan is an experienced golfer, providing the most detailed and trustworthy reviews of the best golf equipment and the latest innovations in the golf industry. James' primary goal is to help readers find reliable and trusted information about golf products, which includes both buying tips and the best deals on the market.
James is 46 years old, has been playing golf for 23 years and has a handicap of 10.

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